Oculyze’s image analysis software (IAP) has transferred laborious lab work into cloud by combining methodical pattern recognition with artificial intelligence and deep learning. The software has been trained to perform as well and even better than a professional with 20 years of experience. A dream of any HR manager in every possible sector!

Not an ordinary image analysis software

Oculyze’s IAP technology works in the Cloud, which is a huge advantage. As we all know, general purpose image recognition software, regardless of their notoriously expensive price, requires a lot expertise to properly set up, adapt to specific workflows, and to maintain. If it comes per-tailored to a specific application it is static and will not improve over time.

We have combined artificial intelligence and cloud, and by doing so, we have enabled the use of extremely high computing power by proxy on an affordable handheld device. One can run demanding algorithms, which would need to run for minutes or even hours on a desktop computer, even on a smartphone.

Since we mostly automate the analysis of images with a lot of variance, noise and biological diversity this feature comes in very handy as the software performs great on scenarios none of us has ever seen before, and does so consistently.

The best news is that with IAP technology, any image analysis that is normally done by a human expert, can be automated and brought on-site. The potential of the software is therefore limitless.

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Oculyze pipeline including deep learning vs. only deep learning

Where is it used so far

Our first algorithms were specifically trained to count yeast cells in very challenging situations, e.g. high concentrations, in clusters and mixed with other particles. Since its inception, and unlike the legacy technology used by competitors, our detection has been constantly improving in detecting what is a live cell, a dead cell and how many cells are actually in a specific cluster; all without requiring updates on the customer devices.

As for now, cell counters based on the IAP technology are used successfully in yeast labs, breweries and wineries of all sizes around the world. They make the fermentation process more predictable and consistent by giving exact and up-to-date information of the yeast cells.

Another sector that has proven to benefit from Oculyze IAP technology is cattle raising, where the software is used as a quick and reliable on-site diagnostic tool for subclinical endometritis in cows. Whereas the traditional diagnostic procedures usually require a specialized lab and expensive staff and therefore delay the diagnosis and potential treatment by several days, Oculyze MUH helps to identify affected cows and treat them quickly.

Possibilities of the cloud-based image analysis software are limitless

By combining AI and cloud, the possibilities of IAP technology grow limitless. It can bring the advantages of automation to every sector where image analysis is needed, e.g. Asbestos fiber detection, Blood Count, Parasite egg detection, Metal analysis, Bitumen emulsion analysis, Cytological Analysis or Water online monitoring – just to name a few.

Traditionally, when analyzing a fiber sample, for example, we rely on scanning electron microscopes. The image is taken, after which the human looks at the fibers in the image and pays attention to the details such as shape and size of the fibers. As asbestos fibers happen to be extremely small in size and have variable shapes, traditional analysis is laborious to say the least. It takes time and resources to train a human to do the job as we don’t recognize patterns automatically. The work demands a lot of concentration which fatigues and strains your eyes and makes the process prone to error. It also limits the number of analysis we can carry out per day.

All of those challenges are taken away by automizing the process. Oculyze’s IAP technology makes it possible to recognize the asbestos fibers – or indeed blood cells, parasite eggs etc. – from the sample and do the analysis on-site in seconds. Results will be stored in a digital form, readable everywhere.

This fast, precise and easy way of doing image analysis will completely change the way you see your business in the future.

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