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The Oculyze process 

The Oculyze FW, is our most innovative solution to the age old problem of manual yeast counting yet. The ultra portable device is pretty much plug and play and comes equipped with a cutting-edge optical scope boasting a 400 X magnification, comparable to a high end laboratory microscope.  

A major innovation to the technology is that the Oculyze FW is compatible with most android phones and tablets. Users can now connect their an-droid mobile phone or tablet to the device, take pictures and then upload them to our cloud server and receive their analysis in seconds. Our app integrates the latest in technology and provides easy documentation and automatic backup. In addition, the app also provides advice in the event of inconsistent or low-quality fermentation processes. With Oculyze, you can be assured your wine will be at its best in both quality and taste.  

This is a positive step forward in realizing our vision to provide automated image analysis for anyone anywhere

About Oculyze

We are a globally selling Biotech firm that has revolutionized the world of image analysis with our innovative use of cutting-edge technology. Our cloud based image analysis software transforms most android mobile devices and tablets into powerful analytical tools enabling you to accurately, easily and instantly analyze yeast concentrations before and during the fermentation process on-site. No special expertise or training is required.

Main features of the Oculyze FW

The Oculyze FW, can help improve quality and consistency in your wine-making process. Main features:

  • Compact and ultra lightweight
  • Connects to most android mobile devices and tablets
  • Provides concentration and viability analysis in under a minute
  • Quick and easy to use and delivers accurate and immediate on-site results
  • Supports automatic data storage and backups
  • Has a simple plug and play feature
  • 24/7 webshop