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Collection of interesting information and articles for brewers and wine makers, who are interested in yeast cell counting and automated Oculyze solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions related to Oculyze Cell Counters packages, orders, trials and much more.


This page has a collection of Better Brewing, Fermentation Wine and Microscope Digitalization flyers in English, German, Spanish and Italian language.


Latest News and Press releases from Oculyze. Company news and information about latest innovative cell counter features.


Collection of happy Oculyzers and their quotes about automated yeast cell counting from all around the world.

User Manuals

Quick Guides, Training Videos and Full Handbooks for Analysis of Yeast; product information, setup, analysis, maintenance and troubleshooting.


This page has a wide collection of training videos including initial setup, installing the app, sample preparation, dilution, staining, sample chamber handling and interpretation of analysis data.


Information about webinars and online seminars regarding yeast cell analysis, counting methods, fermentation and image analysis platform.