Oculyze presents
Fermentation is a dynamic but controllable process

Oculyze presents
“Fermentation is a dynamic but controllable process”

“Fermentation is a dynamic but controllable process”

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Webinar agenda

Role of yeast in wine fermentations

  • When and how often is it useful to analyze yeast

  • Why yeast concentration & viability important for fermentations

  • Competition between yeast and other microorganisms

Methods to control fermentation

  • Lab microscope

  • Refractometer

  • Density meter

  • Oculyze FW

  • Oculyze FWC

You have a sluggish fermentation – what now?

  • General recommendations on how to handle a sluggish fermentation before it becomes stuck

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About Oculyze:

Using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Oculyze has transferred the computer vision software for lab equipment from the table top to the cloud. To proof this revolutionary approach works, Oculyze launched the yeast cell counters for breweries (2016) and wineries (2019).

The cell counters Better Brewing (BB 2.0) and Fermentation Wine (FW) are some of the most affordable and easy to use yeast cell counters in the world and the only ones developed specifically for breweries and wineries. It provides a quick and easy analysis of yeast (concentration and viability) and is being used by hundreds of customers in over 40 countries.

For the 2020 season Oculyze launched the add on “Fermentation Wine Consultant”. This warning feature detects deviations from the ideal fermentation curve as soon as the yeast runs into trouble. It gives winemaker more time to react and achieve the best possible fermentation.

About Dr. Ulrich Tillich:

Ulrich has a Master in Biosystems Technology and Bioinformatics. His Ph.D. topic an postdoctoral research was focused on laboratory automation. Together with Katja Schulze and Kilian Moser he founded Oculyze GmbH, one of the leading image analysis platforms in the world.

Don’t risk your vintage!

Five minutes in the lab can be more important than five days in the field.

Oculyze FWC assists wine makers in understanding the progression of their fermentation so they can identify and rectify sluggish or stuck fermentations days before these flaws can be detected with a density meter. Oculyze FWC helps you achieve the best possible fermentation – consistently.

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Warning feature Oculyze Fermentation Wine Consultant (FWC)
helps you to prevent stuck fermentations!

A study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology revealed that a shocking 20% of wine fermentations are either sluggish or become stuck, a major concern every season.

Automated yeast analysis for wine fermentation
without the high price tag

Starting at 999€ for the hardware and 1.8€ per analysis, it is a very small investment to ensure your vintage achieves the potential of your grapes.

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