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Fraunhofer IGB

When working with Oculyze we like the simplicity and speed of the analysis compared to the Thoma chamber, as well as the very clear and sharp images that are generated. We were able to draw some conclusions from the photos, which led to an improvement of the experimental procedure.

I would recommend it to everyone to get a quick and rough insight into the yeast suspension. It is very easy to see whether the yeasts are clumped or separated. In addition, conclusions can be drawn very quickly about the viability and behaviour of yeasts in different media.

Fabiola Salguero

HS Kaiserslautern

I have integrated the use of the smartphone microscope with our students who are enrolled in the dual degree course Viticulture and Oenology during their microbiological internship; by eliminating the tedious counting of the Thoma counting chamber, the students were much faster. Very easy to handle and therefore recommended for every cellar master!

Prof. Dr. Scharfenberger-Schmeer

Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH

The ease of use of the Oculyze system is probably the most important positive point for us. I would recommend it to all wineries that want to monitor fermentation closely.

Marcus Berbig

Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg

Staatliche Weinbauinstitut Freiburg is a practice-oriented experimental and research facility for viticulture and oenology. Last year, automatic cell counting was tested with Oculyze Fermentation Wine. According to their experience, it is advantageous to check the yeast cells every 2-3 days. In case of problematic fermentations, a daily determination of the physiological state should be carried out if possible.

Fermentation Wine is easy and fast to use, automatic cell counter saves time and is characterized by its user-friendliness. The system supplies important information for the quality assurance of wine fermentations in a timely manner.

The experimental winery of Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg plans to use the Oculyze cell counter as an internal quality standard for experimental winemaking. Oculyze FW can be recommended to any larger wine producer or wine laboratory.

Benedikt Grein

Schlossgut Liebieg

We are very satisfied with Oculyze. With Oculyze we were able to reduce the amount of yeast we needed and we achieved a more controlled wine fermentation.I can recommend the Oculyze system mainly to sparkling wine producers, but I must also say that we haven’t tested it during the wine fermentation process.
The Oculyze system has helped us a lot in the production of yeast batches for the second fermentation in the bottle with sparkling wine.

Isabelle Hein

Privat-Sektkellerei Reinecker

Privat-Sektkellerei Reinecker produces sparkling wine according to the classic bottle fermentation method, contract sparkling wine with approx. 200 fillings per year and 900,000 bottles.
The determination of cell count and degree of budding guarantees fermentation safety for bottle fermentation. The documentation for our customers with confirmation of a sufficient cell count is possible.
We can send the results to our customers by mail and document the cell count of their wines before bottling. This gives us a certain guarantee in case of possible problems. We can provide a certain reference of analysis data and cell counts (e. g. low pH = low budding count).
We can recommend the Oculyze system to all sparkling wine cellars, especially if they produce with bottle fermentation. The determination of the yeast concentration is essential, as stuck or sluggish fermentations due to too low cell count are fatal during bottle fermentation.

Herbert Reinecker

Chr. Hansen

The Oculyze system is easy to use and portable, the instructions are clear and it provides professional result reports.
We would recommend the device at inoculation time and during fermentation, to winemakers without a dedicated lab and to our sales team to circumvent the dependency to labs.

Lorenzo Peyer

Bernard Massard

What I like most about Oculyze is the fast evaluation and amount of information (vitality of the yeast).

The stage of the enterprise (private winery or cellar) plays no role in my opinion, from a qualitative point of view I expect a lot from the Oculyze in the harvest phase, in order to be able to carry out a better fermentation control on the basis of the vitality reports.

Florian Michels

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