Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) Online Seminar recording for free

Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) Online Seminar recording for free

What: Oculyze’s seminar speech “Yeast Cell Counting and Viability Measurement and Methods to Automate it” for brewers

Where: recording available online as a video

How much: Free of charge

Where can I watch the recording?

Click here!

What is Craft Brewers Conference (CBC)?

Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) is the largest craft beer education and trade show event in the world. Usually it takes place in USA and is prohibitively expensive to attend, as in 700 USD expensive. This year due COVID-19 the conference was  arranged online, as a five-week virtual craft brewers conference® from April 13 through May 15, 2020.

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What is Oculyze’s role in this event?

Oculyze provided a seminar speech “Yeast Cell Counting and Viability Measurement and Methods to Automate it“ hosted by Dr. Ulrich Tillich who co-founded Oculyze in 2016. Ulrich knows a lot about lab automation, automatic image recognition and has learned more about yeast than he ever wanted to know. Read more about yeast cell counting on our product page.

Oculyze’s seminar speech covers the basics of cell counting so you can refresh your memory, looks at challenges of manual yeast counting (the part they don’t describe in books) and rounds everything up with a market overview of what is out there in terms of microscopes, cameras and cell counters. There was also time for a practical on-screen exercise and a round of questions.

Interested to know, what cell counter options are available on the market?
Download our market analysis: cell counters used for yeast cell counting.

Watch now!

This online seminar speech was part of this year’s event. Check the full program here!

Why should you watch Oculyze’s seminar speech?

Do you have anything better to do than refresh your skills in dealing with your most important team member? No yeast, no beer. Unhappy yeast, unhappy customer.


Seriously, so that when the dust finally settles, you’ll be ready to emerge smarter and more knowledgeable than ever before and have better fermentations.

Did we mention this is free education 😉

You know all about yeast but want to learn more about Oculyze?

Check out our Youtube channel for videos of the yeast cell counter and the microscope digitalization kit for existing lab microscopes.

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Want to learn how the Oculyze better brewing 2.0 (BB2.0) compares to other cell counters and experts working on the microscope?

Check out the report on the evaluation on the evaluation of the Oculyze yeast cell-counting system.

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