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Oculyze helps you
to automate yeast counting
and perfect the brewing process

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Oculyze helps you to automate yeast counting and perfect the brewing process

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  • Automated yeast concentration and viability in one measurement

  • Analyze your samples from anywhere with our mobile microscope

  • Access your date and past results from any internet enabled device

  • Save time, costs and resources

  • Generate customized reporting

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Viability & concentration in under a minute

We analyze the same volume as in a counting chamber (hemocytometer) but are 10 times faster and have no human error. Additionally, yeast viability is determined by differentiating between live and dead cells with methylene violet staining.

10x faster & more accurate than traditional methods

An integrated separation of clumped cells allows an accurate analysis; budding cells are automatically identified and provided as a separate value.

Automatic storage and backup

Our data management system allows you to access all of your yeast concentration and viability results. Review your analysis history from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile & tablet compatible

View and analyze your measurements from any connected device. The web app allows you to generate customized reports, view historical data, track your yeast over time and increase statistical accuracy by creating averages of different measurements.

Automated yeast analysis
without the high price tag

What’s included in every package?

Oculyze yeast cell counter
  • 1 Measuring cylinder
  • Methylene violet 10ml
  • 10 Pasteur pipettes
  • 10 Reaction containers
  • 5 Cleaning cotton swabs
  • 2 Sample chambers
  • 3 Plastic syringes
  • 1 Cleaning bellows

  • Oculyze microscope
  • Transport box

Thoroughly tested

“The results of the cell counting with the Oculyze system are very closely comparable with those obtained using a Thoma chamber… The Oculyze system does not require a laboratory microscope or trained staff… The Oculyze system is faster due to the automated measurement and analysis.”External validation by the Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin (VLB)
Complete report as PDF

Additional features

Methylene violet in yeast cell counting

You can choose between methylene violet and blue for your viability measurements. We send methylene violet staining solution with every purchase. Methylene violet can offer some advantages; it performs better in growing phases of yeast cells (i.e. exponential and stationary) as well as for cultures with low viability and totally dead cultures.

Sharpness indicator in yeast cell counting

This feature improves image quality and helps guide you to find the sharpest possible image. As you begin your measurements and turn the microscope knob, you will see the sharpness indicator changing values, once you have found the highest value possible – you’ve found your sharpest image and you’re ready to capture!

Auto warning help you in better brewing

The automatic system warning is a new feature that brings your attention to any inconsistencies that may have occurred during the mixing phase enabling you to quickly review the sample prepared.

Pitch rate calculator in yeast counting

This automatically pulls the results from your measurements to determine the ideal pitch rate. You can input the volume of your wort and your desired final concentration (the app gives suggested final concentration values) OR you can insert the desired degree plato and pitch rate factor. The result shows which volume of yeast is needed to add to your wort.

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