Its speed and ease of use. We are much more confident in our repitches and can track viability between pitches with ease. The device is affordable considering the saving in repitching yeast.

I feel many small breweries would use Oculyze if they were made aware of the cost savings in repitching confidently which leads to better fermentations.

Bill Downs

I’ve been using the Oculyze microscope for about a year. The initial problems with the use in China were solved immediately by the team. The cooperation is very friendly and professional.

I received the product in time for the commissioning of our new brewery and I was able to use it to check the yeast propagators and fermentation. The ease of use and the speed were amazing. The visualization of cell sizes as a bar chart is extremely helpful.
Now I always have it in my luggage to check the addition of yeast and fermentation in our other breweries.

Ralf Koch

The greatest advantage of this instrument is it’s convenience and efficiency, and that I don’t need a manual microscope to measure. I also recommend it to small craft mills and large beer groups, and some customers need to try a trial.

Dan Li
Shenyang FuGe technology Co.,Ltd

The Oculyze device is easy to use, takes the human error out of the equation and also allows for untrained individuals to get their feet wet in yeast management. I have noticed better yeast health and fermentation. In addition, I am also using less yeast and therefore increasing my beer output.

I would recommend Oculyze to anyone that is looking to start or maintain a small lab with yeast management in mind. Brewers that are looking to learn about cell counting could definitely use the device as a guide.

Tom Klekot

I like the reduction in variability from brewer to brewer in readings; our counts are much more consistent and our little lifeforms seem to be happier and are making better beer as a result!

The time is takes to prepare and count a sample has decreased significantly and the comfort of knowing that we are consistent between brewers has been a blessing.
I would recommend it to any brewer that has the capability to meter their yeast for pitching. If you already have the ability to add a set amount, you should make sure that you are adding the right amount and by eliminating the “human error” factor in your yeast analysis.

Tristan Grady

Oculyze is simple and uncomplicated, everyone (even unskilled employees) can work with it.

The time saving is a big advantage! It is much faster to measure tanks with it. You can make 2 preparations and measure one after the other and then clean everything at the end. I can recommend it for breweries of any size, because it is simple and uncomplicated and you can’t really do much wrong.

Patricia Weiß

I really like the convenience of use, it is small, mobile and you don’t need to look in a microscope. The pictures are very nice, it helps to know your yeast. The manual counting is a great improvement. Some yeast strains are not possible to count with the automatic method due to their different cell sizes or the way they react during the coloring test. Before the manual counting exists, we were using microscope and Oculyze, now we only use Oculyze for our counts and viability in the production department. We noticed time saving for sure.

In my opinion, Oculyze could probably be useful for a large range of brewery sizes and types. Every person wo wants to buy a microscope to check his yeast could use Oculyze. It’s easy to use and gives quick results.

Séraphine Dupont

The Oculyze system reduces the time and effort in carrying out analysis.
We definitely saved lot of time. I would recommend the device to microbreweries and craft breweries.

Shekhar Kadam

Oculyze is incredible quick and easy to use. No lab equipment is needed, and therefore no need for expensive training.

Yeast costs have so far been reduced by about 50%, and as we change our brewhouse processes we expect this to rise. I wish I had found Oculyze on the day we opened our brewery four years ago. I would recommend Oculyze to any brewer that has an interest in re-pitching yeast and saving your brewery money!

Shaun Blissett

With the time saving of labour compared to the traditional counting method in the lab it’s a no brainer. You’ve taken out the time of a brewer counting for an hour in the lab to minutes by photos, everything is recorded and you don’t have the error of human eyes.

We are doing 7 yeast counts a day from lab to cellar props. I now even use this device in training sessions at the local brewing course.

Daniel McCulloch

The time required to determine the yeast cell count, including viability, is much less than with the conventional method with a counting chamber. The counting effort is not longer afraiding and, for example, the optimal time for inoculation of the wort can be quickly determined “by the way” with the yeast starter culture.

At the same time one receives meaningful optically “beautiful” yeast pictures inclusive the life/dead analysis pictures. The evaluation screen is very appealing, simple and expressive.

Kurt Frischknecht
I love having it, it is just an easier and faster way to track everything to do with yeast and fermentation.
After only having it a short time, no noticeable changes to savings but definitely helps with consistency in the brewery and therefore ultimately the end product.

I can definitely recommend Oculyze to any brewer at any stage of their brewery.

Karl Veiss

I love how easy the device is to use it is very straightforward. I have been using a lot less yeast and the beer quality has gotten better in my opinion.

I myself recommend this to every brewer i know, its super simple and if you want to make good beer yeast management is key. I think the Oculyze should be in everyone’s budget no matter if the brewery exists or it is in planning. You get a lot for what you pay for. My cellarman never did a cell count before, after getting the Oculyze he was doing cell counts all by himself in an hour. This product is very user friendly and no matter if you brew 500 BBL’s a year or 10,000 BBL’s a year the Oculyze will definitely help you.

Vinny Rossin
We like the ease of use and quick response times of the Oculyze system. It also makes me more confident about accuracy than if we did cell counts by hand.

I would definitely recommend the system. I think it works well for a small brewery who doesn’t have someone dedicated to QA and maybe doesn’t have the time to do traditional manual cell counts using a microscope.

Chris Tropeano

I love how quickly we can go from sample to result, being able to take multiple samples in such a short time frees up our brewers to do other tasks and you know what they say “time is money”. Although only being still relatively new to the device, we can certainly see how Oculyze can improve our quality through accurate and automated results and significantly reduce the time we spend on testing.

Oculyze is a great tool for any small to medium brewery looking to improve their yeast husbandry processes and reduce their cost through simple training, affordable equipment and fast testing.

Michael McGovern

What I liked most about Oculyze was its ease of use. It always comes with great results. We previously had done cell counts through a microscope on a hemocytometer. However, because each individual’s eyesight was different, it always required a readjustment of the focus, and there was always a possibility of human error.

The Oculyze device is well suited to both small and medium breweries that might not have a dedicated lab worker. Oculyze makes it easy and ‘brewer proof’ to get consistent cell and viability counts.

Ian Morgan

Oculyze is fast and easy to use! The cell counts and viability are consistent and reliable. I will say that because the Oculyze device is so much faster than a hectometer count, we have saved quite a bit of time, which is incredibly valuable to us.

Most people assume building a lab program is cost prohibitive, when in reality it’s one of the most impactful things you can do to improve the quality of your products.

Patrick Combs

I think its best quality is how simple it is to use. With very little training anyone in the brewery can use it. Using Oculyze gave us a lot of information on our yeast’s health which is vital to improving our beer. I would recommend the device to every brewer that can afford it.

Eduardo Page
I like the device reliability and accessories quality, German. The procedure is clean and quick. I perform the tests at home in the dining room.
Being honest, I have got for the first time the certainty of pitching the right amount of yeast. I was seeking a low inoculation rate and I’m very satisfy with the levels of esters I have got in these pale ales. In this initial period getting familiar with the tool I have performed some tests to check my starters and I have been surprised with these preliminary results. I don’t have many samples yet but enough to have a better orientation about yeast management.

I was recommended by a professional who is one of the best brewers in Australia and very approachable person at the same time. I don’t regret at all the investment, as these guy said, it is good fun and a precise tool! I certainly recommend the device to other passionate homebrewers who want to pursue the excellence and don’t mind investing some dollars in the hobby. Nonetheless, I can say that I have seen a medium company selling many liter per year that they do the yeast pitching using manual counting in the optical microscope which is more expensive and they didn’t know about this kind of tool.

Juan Rasines
The device is simple to us and has a wider range of allowable cells within the viewing range (in comparison to manual counting), so it makes the sample preparation much more streamlined. Additionally, it’s great to have photos saved with each analysis to view back on for comparisons or show colleagues.
Being a consulting company, we have had more information through seeing the Oculyze analyses with our clients, so we can better serve and help them improve in their breweries. Also, in our own lab, we’ve been able to increase the number of yeast counts and viability checks that we can accomplish in a single day.
We would recommend to a brewery that either doesn’t have the time or bandwidth to make yeast counting a priority. As a lab manager, I like the device because it’s easy to train on and there is less person-to-person error.
Lauren Sandell

Oculyze is easy to use and reliable! This device has speeded the counting of yeast cells in our harvested slurry, which saves us in labor costs.

I think it is useful for breweries of all sizes. All breweries should be pitching yeast by cell counts and the Oculyze will make that easier and faster!

Bill McFee

As the sole brewer of our 10BBL brewpub, any time saving is a huge plus for me. This allows me to spend more time brewing, cleaning and taking care of paperwork. It also gives me a greater deal of confidence in re-using yeast for extra generations, as I am able to quickly test the yeast’s viability.

I have more time to clean, brew, make calls and order raw materials. I also am getting an extra two or three generations out of the yeast as I can more confidently manage the viability, and record the yeast’s trends. Therefore, time is money, but even better yet, money is money!
I would recommend Oculyze to brewers such as myself, running small businesses and wanting to utilize their time in the brewery as much as possible.

Jesse Sigurdsson
Shining Peak Brewing Ltd.

Oculyze shows convenience and the quickness of the result. We don’t have a lab space and share room with a taproom so it is easy to set up and take down quickly. Training is straightforward with it. We reached more consistent fermentations. Not that quantifiable but just that we have a better idea of our yeast health week to week.

Oculyze is ideal for breweries without the space or staffing for a dedicated lab area. So I’d say tiny nanobreweries up to maybe 5000hl/year a or breweries in small spaces.

Michael Bank

What I like most about Oculyze is the fast evaluation and amount of information (vitality of the yeast).

The stage of the enterprise (private winery or cellar) plays no role in my opinion, from a qualitative point of view I expect a lot from the Oculyze in the harvest phase, in order to be able to carry out a better fermentation control on the basis of the vitality reports.

Florian Michels

The device has allowed for portable measurement of yeast counts and viability with short testing times. The distillery has been able to better monitor the yeast health and prevent decrease of productivity. I would recommend it to small to medium distilleries and brewers.

Dario Jordan

We’ve had some very big beneficial changes when we started using Oculyze, we were getting much more consistent fermentation… no lags or anything. We were able to increase our generations for certain yeast strains, we’re up past 10 in a couple of them now which we were never able to before.

It’s very user friendly, quite simple to use, you don’t have to set up a whole lab space which is one of our big downfalls in why we weren’t really measuring our yeast beforehand.

Brandon Smith
Situation Brewing

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