Identify the symptoms faster

On average 30% of cows in a typical herd of 100 dairy cattle have clinical endometritis. While endometritis is treatable and easy to diagnose, the subclinical variant of the disease, subclinical endometritis, often goes undetected in an additional 30% of a herd’s presumed healthy cattle. The result can be infertility, lower productivity and reduced herd output. Subclinical endometritis costs dairy farmers an estimated €7.728 in lost revenue annually per 100 dairy cattle.

Oculyze’s simple and quick process

Traditional diagnostic procedures are currently expensive and reliant on manual microscopes that are time consuming to set up and transport. Oculyze’s cloud-based mobile microscopy platform transforms ordinary smart phones into powerful tools enabling anyone to capture high-quality microscopic images on-site, and receive accurate and reproducible results in seconds.

With Oculyze’s proprietary solution, dairy farmers, once trained in proper sample extraction procedures, and veterinarians alike, can quickly and easily diagnose subclinical endometritis on-site.

Once treated, the affected cattle quickly recover and regain normal output levels, improving herd well- being and increasing farmer revenue. Oculyze’s advanced technology is based on sophisticated image recognition techniques and provides automatic data upload, storage and results management in an easily accessible cloud-based system.

Quick and accurate diagnosis with Oculyze saves time and money and improves farmer’s bottom line by more than €3.338* per year for a typical herd of 100 dairy cattle.

Increase productivity

*figure based on the actual average savings per 100 dairy cattle annually taking into account the cost for equipment and analyzing as well as other operation costs that come with an unproductive herd