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What we do

We provide image recognition software and cloud infrastructure for data analysis and storage.

The Oculyze Image analysis platform as used within all of our own products with hundreds of active users worldwide, is also available for partners to integrate their own image analysis pipeline.

Depending on your needs our Platform can be used along side existing imaging solutions or with new custom hardware. Via our API (Link: Documentation available on request) you can also integrate any existing software already in use into our pipeline.

Already have software and need to move it to the cloud?

We can help you with that too.


Customized image recognition services

  • Step 1

    Take your images.

  • Step 2

    Automatically sent to the Oculyze cloud

  • Step 3

    Our customized image recognition software analyzes your microscopic images.

  • Step 4

    Your results are sent directly to you, giving you access from any internet-enabled device, a mobile app (custom development available), or get direct access to our API and create your own interface.

  • Step 5

    Generate customized reports, view historical data, track your results over time and increase statistical accuracy.


Let us help you digitalize the tedious and error prone manual analysis processes. Our image analysis technology combines methodical pattern recognition with artificial intelligence and deep learning, allowing us to develop more robust systems with less data than just raw deep learning alone.

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What are you currently spending?

If you use dry yeast for your beer you are probably paying around 0,15 € per gram. With a recommended dosage of between 50-80 g per hectoliter (hl) that adds up to around 10 € per hl you brew.

With just 1.500 hl p.a. production that amounts to 15.000 € per year!

Money saved through monitoring.

Monitoring your yeast will allow you to reuse your yeast up to 10 times. After a brewing batch you can asses your yeast viability and use it for the next batch. The second batch with the same yeast should actually be better than the first.

You will also be able to propagate your own strains, and use them to inoculate all of your brews.

What is the price of not monitoring?

Without yeast monitoring you will not be able to achieve consistent quality and you run a risk of disappointing your loyal customers!

Does automation make sense for me?

Wondering if you should automate your manual count? Use our calculator to get an estimate on how much you could save:



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How many time per day the analysis is performed

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What is the time needed for each analysis? (in minutes)

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Employee gross hourly labor

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This is your cost per day multiply by 260 labor days to get your yearly cost

The cost of an automated analysis is usually a 1/10 to 1/5 of manual cost.


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For many younger breweries doing proper yeast monitoring and management seems like a daunting task. However using the Oculyze better brewing technology, makes yeast analysis a simple task that will take you less than 5 minutes a day:

Other Systems:

  • Counting yeast cells manually requires training, is repetitive and boring.

  • Automation with yeast counters is expensive.

  • Yeast counters often require a separate determination of yeast viability.

  • Most yeast counters do not manage the result documentation for you.

Our System:

  • Is easy to use, with no special expertise required!

  • Is affordable – significantly cheaper than other yeast counters!

  • Measures yeast viability and concentration in less than one minute!

  • Automatically documents all results for you!

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Industries we specialize in

– agriculture
– animal health
– biotech
– life sciences
– food & beverage
– digital health

Backed by years of research

Automatisierte Klassifizierung und Viabilitätsanalyse von Phytoplankton

Katja Schulze

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A simple viability analysis for unicellular cyanobacteria using a new autofluorescence assay, automated microscopy, and ImageJ

Katja Schulze, Diana A López, Ulrich M Tillich and Marcus Frohme

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PlanktoVision – an automated analysis system for the identification of phytoplankton

Katja Schulze, Ulrich M Tillich, Thomas Dandekar and Marcus Frohme

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The use of fluorescence microscopy and image analysis for rapid detection of non-producing revertant cells of Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 and Synechococcus sp. PCC7002

Katja Schulze, Imke Lang, Heike Enke, Diana Grohme, and Marcus Frohme

Read more…

FIJI Macro 3D ART VeSElecT: 3D Automated Reconstruction Tool for Vesicle Structures of Electron Tomograms

– Kristin Verena Kaltdorf, Katja Schulze, Frederik Helmprobst, Philip Kollmannsberger, Thomas Dandekar , Christian Stigloher

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