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Reliable and rapid cloud-based image analysis.

About us:
We automate your expert image analysis using methodical pattern recognition, AI and deep learning. If your challenge includes manual image processing by an expert, such as detection and counting, we can automate and improve the process!

Our Vision:
Our vision is to replace tedious manual analyses with our automated solutions to enable the best possible use of your resources. We elevate your analysis to a standardized process, deployed at scale, and available anywhere.

Our Mission:
To digitalize scientific expert know how and turn it into an easy to use tool. Ensuring quality, consistency by removing operator variability. We release software when it is comparable to an expert with 20 years of experience and keep improving as the data set grows.

How often have you thought: There has to be an easier way to do this analysis?!

Next time when you need to recount to make sure you didn’t make a mistake or when your eyes are tired from staring through an ocular all day - give yourself a little push and request a quote.

Next time when you are scrolling through a screen of your SEM (scanning electron microscope) looking for asbestos fibers or whatnot, and wonder if there’s going to be anything in this sample, take a deep breath, upload a sample picture and let us tell you if we can make your job more interesting and productive.

Or when you are having trouble finding a qualified lab technician to perform an important manual analysis, instead of spending thousands on advertising and training, why not invest it in automating and digitalizing the know-how of your company so that you are less dependent on the job market!

To safeguard your company’s know-how and competitive advantage, ask us how much would a proprietary solution cost.


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