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Reliable and rapid cloud-based image analysis.

About us:
At Oculyze, we automate expert image analysis via our cloud based platform. We combine methodical pattern recognition with artificial intelligence and deep learning. We are relentless and focused on putting the customer at the center of everything we do and strive to develop and offer the best quantitative real-time image analysis. If an expert can currently manually analyze the image, we can automate and improve the process!

Our Vision:
Our vision is to replace tedious manual analysis with our automatic solutions to enable the best possible use of your resources. We elevate your analysis to a standardized process, deployed at scale, and available anywhere.

Our Mission:
To digitalize expert know-how and turn it into an easy to use tool. Our fast paced modern world and a shortage of skilled labor force us to rethink how we ensure quality, consistency and health in the future. We need to ensure high standards globally and we cannot achieve this by taking samples to far away labs and accepting slow processes, sample changes, operator variability and errors. Our software is released when it is closely comparable to a human with 20 years of experience and then it just keeps on getting better for all our users.

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