About us:
Oculyze, is a German based technology startup and the world’s premier platform for quantitative image recognition and analysis.

Our Vision:
To provide automated image recognition and analysis for anyone, anywhere.

Our Mission:
To be the world’s premier platform and go-to brand for mobile quantitative image analysis across a wide range of industries.

Strategic investors

Constantia New Business (CNB) invests in dynamic, innovative companies across Europe. CNB acts as a long term companion supporting very actively in sales and marketing as well as other functional areas.

BFB Brandenburg Kapital acts as a Venture Capital Investor in the federal state of Brandenburg and finances SME’s with seed and growth capital. It supports its portfolio companies and coinvestors as a reliable financing partner with longtime experience, commitment and dedication as well as a comprehensive network.

Strategic partners

Oculyze and BIOTECON Diagnostics, a renowned food and beverage quality testing provider recently announced the signing of a strategic partnership appointing the company as the exclusive global distributor of Oculyze’s latest technological innovation the Oculyze BB 2.0.

The Weincampus Neustadt is a joint academic department at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Bingen, and Kaiserslautern. The academic department offers the dual-study bachelor degree program Viticulture and Oenology and the part-time master’s degree program MBA Wine, Sustainability, and Sales. It also conducts research in the fields of viticulture and oenology.

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