The amount (concentration) and health (viability) of the yeast used for brewing beer is one of the most important factors determining beer taste and quality. Consumers might accept some variability from small craft breweries, but they will not tolerate flaws in microbiology.

Wrong pitching concentration (especially under pitching) can increase ester and fusel production, spoiling the taste
and possibly leading to a hangover after consumption. Beer flavor is also improved by using healthy yeast for pitching.

Breweries that want to survive long term will have to consistently deliver quality beer. Therefore it is imperative to monitor your yeast concentration and yeast viability!


What are you currently spending?

If you use dry yeast for your beer you are probably paying around 0,15 € per gram. With a recommended dosage of between 50-80 g per hectoliter (hl) that adds up to around 10 € per hl you brew.

With just 1.500 hl p.a. production that amounts to 15.000 € per year!

Money saved through monitoring.

Monitoring your yeast will allow you to reuse your yeast up to 10 times. After a brewing batch you can asses your yeast viability and use it for the next batch. The second batch with the same yeast should actually be better than the first.

You will also be able to propagate your own strains, and use them to inoculate all of your brews.

What is the price of not monitoring?

Without yeast monitoring you will not be able to achieve consistent quality and you run a risk of disappointing your loyal customers!


For many younger breweries doing proper yeast monitoring and management seems like a daunting task. However using the Oculyze better brewing technology, makes yeast analysis a simple task that will take you less than 5 minutes a day:

Other Systems:

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    Counting yeast cells manually requires training, is repetitive and boring.

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    Automation with yeast counters is expensive.

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    Yeast counters often require a separate determination of yeast viability.

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    Most yeast counters do not manage the result documentation for you.

Our System:

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    Is easy to use, with no special expertise required!

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    Is affordable – significantly cheaper than other yeast counters!

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    Measures yeast viability and concentration in less than one minute!

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    Automatically documents all results for you!