Oculyze Better Brewing - yeast counter with yeast viability

“… yeast can be the most active flavor ingredient in the brewing process,
and it is certainly the most temperamental ingredient in beer”Chris White, author of "Yeast - The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation"


1. Measure your yeast concentration

We analyze the same volume as in a counting chamber (hemocytometer) but are 10 times faster and have no human error.

2. Automatic analysis storage and history

Our data management system allows you to access all of your yeast concentration and viability results. Review your analysis history from anywhere, anytime

3. Measure the yeast viability

The system automatically determines yeast viability by differentiating between live and dead cells with methylene blue staining.

4. Precise automatic analysis

An integrated separation of clumped cells allows an accurate analysis; even if cells are clumped together.
Use the slider to compare the captured image with the detected cells.

5. Advanced analysis (in development)

Using special software on Oculyze servers get an immediate interpretation of what the results mean for you and your current brewing batch. Detect problems early!


Analyze your yeast in just 3 easy steps!


Load your sample into the
counting chamber

Loading the sample into the counting chamber


(1) Insert
(2) fix the counting chamber

Inserting and fixing the counting chamber into the smartphone microscope


Use our app to analyze the sample


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“The results of the cell counting with the Oculyze system are very closely comparable with those obtained using a Thoma chamber… The Oculyze system does not require a laboratory microscope or trained staff…
The Oculyze system is faster due to the automated measurement and analysis.”External validation by the Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing in Berlin (VLB)
Complete report as PDF

Our yeast counter with integrated yeast viability analysis was successfully piloted in three renowned breweries in Berlin.
With our system you can determine yeast concentration and yeast viability in less than 1 minute.

We officialy launched our product at the Braubeviale 2016 and it is now available for purchase.

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