From microscopic image to results in seconds, all in the palm of your hand.


We are an award winning startup. Our automated image recognition software and mobile microscope enable you to take a microscopic image and get results within seconds, wherever you are. We offer automated cell counting by providing you with cell concentration and cell viability results in one measurement.


Our smartphone microscope consists of a removable optical module (~400X), a smartphone, an application and a connection to the server hosting the image recognition software. The optical module is attached onto a smartphone and the magnified picture is visible through the app on the screen. The device then sends the image using WI-FI or mobile data connection to the server that analyses the picture and returns the result within seconds.


Oculyze smartphone microscope and image recognition in the cloud

Image Recognition

Our image recognition software performs automatic analysis for you in one measurement. No specialized expertise required!

Smartphone Microscope

The Oculyze Microscope has a magnification of up to ~400X. You can view objects in the 2-50┬Ám range.

Cloud Processing

Everything is stored and processed in the cloud. This gives you access to your images and results anywhere, anytime.

Data Analysis

Meta-analysis on all your measurements allows quick recognition of trends. React early!


Better Brewing

Our first application Better Brewing is a quick and easy analysis of yeast, allowing you to take control of your fermentation process. We automatically determine the concentration, viability and budding count of yeast cells in a matter of minutes.

Our data management system allows you to review your results history from anywhere, anytime. The web app allows you to generate customized reports, view historical data, track your yeast over time and increase statistical accuracy by creating averages of different measurements.

A contamination alert for unwanted microorganisms is currently in development.

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Future Applications

The Oculyze Microscope can be used for any microscopic analysis up to 400X. Our image recognition software capabilities allows the system to be used across many industries.

Applications in various stages of development range from industrial monitoring to a point of care diagnostic tool for blood analysis (e.g. malaria detection in rural parts of Africa), automated cervix analysis for dairy cows, animal sperm analysis (CASA), agricultural food cancer detection, somatic cell count in raw milk and more. We also offer customized image recognition services for your biological microscopic image analysis needs.

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We are

Dr. Ulrich M. Tillich - Hardware Development (smartphone microscope)

Dr. Ulrich M. Tillich

Kilian L. Moser - CEO

Kilian L. Moser

Prof. Dr. Marcus Frohme - Team Mentor

Prof. Dr. Marcus Frohme

Eean Lesniewski

Eean Lesniewski

Juliane Pfeil - Ph.D Student

Juliane Pfeil

Benjamin Girke - Work Student

Benjamin Girke

Andrea Babic - Marketing & PR

Andrea Babic

Florian Steininger

Florian Steininger


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