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We are a multi-award winning Biotech firm.

Our vision is to provide automated image analysis for anyone anywhere.
Our cloud-based image analysis software transforms ordinary mobile devices into powerful tools enabling anyone to take a microscopic image and receive accurate and reproducible results in seconds without specialized expertise needed.



We are an award winning startup. We want to simplify microscopy and make it accessible and easy for everyone to use. Our automated image recognition software and mobile microscope enable you to take a microscopic image and get results within seconds, wherever you are.

Our smartphone microscope consists of a removable optical module (~400X), a smartphone, an application and a connection to the server hosting the image recognition software. The optical module is attached onto a smartphone and the magnified picture is visible through the app on the screen. The device then sends the image using WI-FI or mobile data connection to the server that analyses the picture and returns the result within seconds.

European Commission Funding

The process

Oculyze smartphone microscope and image recognition in the cloud

Our offering


The all new Oculyze BB 2.0

Automated yeast counting for brewers

Our flagship product the Oculyze BB 2.0 , a hardware software combination, enables breweries to determine concentration and viability of their yeast in less than 1 minute, giving them total control of their fermentation process. A contamination alert for unwanted microorganisms will be launched soon.

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Future applications

Animal health, agriculture, industrial monitoring, human health & more!

The Oculyze Microscope can be used for any microscopic analysis up to 400X. Our image recognition software capabilities allows the system to be used across many industries. Applications in various stages of development range from industrial monitoring to a point of care diagnostic tool for blood analysis. We also offer customized image recognition services for biological and microscopic images.

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